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"Or perhaps in Slytherin,

You’ll make your real friends,

Those cunning folk use any means,

To achieve their ends.”

I look into your eyes and I don't see an angel staring back at me
No. Dany shivered. No, no, oh no.  “Are you deaf, fool?” Reznak mo Reznak demanded of the man. “Did you not hear my pronouncement? See my factors on the morrow, and you shall be paid for your sheep.”  “Reznak,” Ser Barristan said quietly, “hold your tongue and open your eyes. Those are no sheep bones.No, Dany thought, those are the bones of a child.

sir..where’s your date?
he left…

sir..where’s your date?

he left…

rose tyler + rainbow

Explaining freedom to angels is a bit like teaching poetry to fish.

"If there was anyone who knew what the love of a family truly meant, it was the Starks.”


The Magic Begins
 ↳ saddest scene


don’t lose it over one man.